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The Stunning Beaches of Martinique

September 7, 2022 by Bilalrana
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The former volcanic island of Martinique is one of the many stunning places to visit in the Caribbean region. Dominated by the magnificent Mont Pelee, Martinique is also blessed with a diverse landscapes, which is a dream come true for many outdoor enthusiasts. While here, you can head out to the mountains or rainforests in the interior portion of the island; or spend most of your time exploring the many beaches of Martinique.

Indeed this Caribbean island, which is an overseas department of France, has several beautiful sandy stretches to offer. What is remarkable about the beaches of Martinique is that they have individual characteristics that make them unique from each other. However, these beaches also share that unmistakable tropical beauty. You can visit to know more about nude beaches in the usa and enjoy your party over there. If you are looking for beaches that are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, people-watching or seclusion, you can find it all in Martinique.

Once you head out to the northern coast of the island, you will find the gorgeous and rich black sand beaches. The presence of these beaches is a manifestation of the past volcanic activities on the island. The surrounding green hills and clear blue waters facing these beaches create a nice contrast to the black sand hue. The northern black sand stretches come in all shapes and sizes. Some stretch out far around the coastline while others are smaller coves situated underneath rock cliffs. The coconut-adorned Anse Ceron is a northern beach that features a mix of black and white sand, which gives this beach its smoky gray appearance.

When you visit the south coast of Martinique, you will certainly discover a different set of beaches! Contrary to the black sand beaches of the north, southern beaches usually possess white sand. One of the more popular southern stretch is Plage des Salines, only a short drive from the town of Ste. Anne. Plage des Salines is especially crowded during the weekends and holidays as it is the favorite beach of many families. But if you want to go here during quieter times, visiting anytime during the week is your best option. Other beautiful beaches to check out on the southern coasts include Le Diamant, Cap Chevalier, Anses d’Arlets and Ste. Luce.

There are also beaches found on the east coast of the island, and they feature rough shores and turbulent waters as they are facing the Atlantic Ocean. Despite not being ideal for swimming, the beaches’ rugged scenery in this section promises to be breathtaking. Plage de l’Anse Madame is the more well-rounded beach on the island; regularly hosting watersports like kayaking. It is also equipped with a children’s playground, and is very close to a golf club. Another family-friendly sandy beach is Anse a Prunes, which is known for its calm waters.

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