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Racing Games – How They Took Me to My Childhood and Back

October 18, 2022 by Bilalrana
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Super Mario had been my constant companion when I turned 8. I remember the times when I pestered my dad to allow me to stay late at night just to figure a way to save the princess. I would try to practice my jumps, boost my runs and even do my best to locate all the hidden items and shortcuts found in the game. Then came the Nintendo console version where I can actually play the princess as well as other characters and not just stick to being Mario or Luigi. For me, Super Mario will always be a classic. This is why you can imagine my delight when I actually found out that Mario has now even invaded the world of free online UFABET games. Not just that, but he has brought his pals along.

In Mario Racing Tournament, you get to play your favourite characters against each other in nothing else but a racing game. This actually impresses me mainly because I usually find these games in the paid category. To think that Mario Racing Tournament is available in a free online games site is sure to delight parents and kids as well. Gone are the days when you have to constantly buy games in order to play them. This made me go back to check other racing games at my just tested site which is When I played Mario Racing Tournament, I also made it a point to look at how free racing games have changed over the years. What started out as simple games in a flash game platform evolved into more complex 3D versions. Racing games such as Burning Rubber 2 and Space Daytona are now offering a more intense game play through quality graphics that can now be found in free online games site such as Twizl. For those who aren’t really fans of 3D and would like to try out games that are simple, you can check out the Drag Racing collection. There are also racing games such as The Heist and Deadly Race which aims to get the attention of players who like to destroy cars while trying not to be destroyed in the process.

This being said, the journey that led me in finding a Mario racing game online created a path for me to try various games in the flash game area. Not only did I try racing games in Twizl but I have also tested other games in various categories such as shooting, puzzle, and dress up which can be easily found in the site. The way games has developed over the years really impressed me. Now that another year is about to come I am really excited about what flash games sites have to offer. What do you think will be added in these categories? Let’s just wait and see.

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